Last year I saw this perfect pair of taupe sendra boots, all nubuck with the embroidery of an eagle. Unfortunately they didn’t had my size anymore so the shop re-ordered them for me and I should get a phone call if the boots were in again! Happy me!
 A few weeks later, I was still waiting for the shop to call, off course I called them a couple times to ask if I my boots were there yet but they weren’t. I started to worry a little bit because the boots were not inexpensive and the winter had almost gone by, I didn’t know if I would spent all this money on boots I could only wear 2 months instead of 5!

So, the impatient me went to the shop to see if there were some other boots I might like. Off course they had lots of other amazing boots, so I decided to buy an other pair. Same model, same embroidery but different color and a different material.

Now, a year later I realize that I have worn those black leather boots only a couple of times and they actually don’t fit me properly, they are almost one size too big. I guess I wanted to buy a pair of boots so bad last year that I put aside the fact that the boots were not perfect for me.

So now I have made that clear for myself, I decided to sell these beautiful boots. They are in perfect state because I barely wore them and there must be someone out there who want to add those sendra boots to their collection. So, if you know somebody who might be interested, spread the word and please take a look here and they might be yours!!

Thanks for reading!



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