FURRY FRIEND: 21 weeks

Left – 4 weeks old & Right – 6 weeks old

Left – 8 weeks old & Right – 10 weeks old

Left – 15 weeks old & Right – 21 weeks old

After our first dog Max, a black lab, died a couple years ago my parents decided that we should not buy a dog again for many reasons. My sister and I were really sad about that because we were used to have a furry friend around. And despite my parents told us no, we always brought it up a few times every year.

Last year my sister said she would really like to have a dog again and because my parents said they didn’t want a ‘big’ dog anymore she had a good alternative, the dachshund! My mom was not against the idea of a small dog and the more we spoke about it the more she liked the idea. The only thins left was convince my dad to think about taking a small dog. This turned out to be harder then we expected but in the end he said yes.

So in September we started our search for a new puppy and it didn’t take long before we found one! The puppies were born August 18 and we first visited our little friends when he was 4 weeks old. We all fell in love the minute we saw him, he was so little and he barely had his eyes open! Two days later we called the breeder to tell her that we wanted this puppy. We also knew what his name would be: Takkie!!

Two weeks later we visited him again and he was a lot bigger than the last time we saw him. This time he was more like a real dog! Unfortunately we still couldn’t take him home, we had to wait two more weeks. And I can tell you that those weeks passed a hundred times slower than they normally do!

And now, almost 3 months later I can’t imagine our household without him. He is a full member of the family. He loves to sleep, play and eat and destroy things! Once in a while I will post some photo’s to show you what he is like!

Hope you liked it and thanks for reading!




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