FOOD: Quick pasta

Cooking is something I love to do. Once in a while I will post a nice recipe and show you how to make it. Last week I made one of my favorite ‘quick’ pasta dishes: Tortellini with mushrooms and a spiced cream cheese.

The recipe below is for one person so make sure you measure the right amounts if you are cooking for more!

What do you need?
– 60 grams of tortellini (green, but you also can use an other flavor)
– 1 spoon of ‘boursin cuisine‘ spiced cream cheese
– 3 slices of bacon
– 4 mushrooms

Start cooking the pasta, this will take 15 minutes. Boil the water, put some olive oil and a pinch of salt with it before you cook the pasta. This will prevent the pasta from sticking together.

Now you can start slicing the bacon and mushrooms, don’t cut the pieces too small. When the pasta cooked for about 7 minutes you can start baking the bacon. Wait until it gets nice and crispy, then put the mushrooms with it. It will take a couple minutes till it gets a nice color. When the pasta is almost ready you can put the cheam cheese with the bacon and mushrooms, stir to blend and your sauce is ready.

After 15 minutes you can drain off the pasta. Put the pasta on a plate and add the sauce.
That’s it, so easy to make and it tastes really good! Bon appetit!!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!




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