SHOPPING: Maison Scotch

Of course I like to shop but I can be strong when I see something I like but actually don’t need, if that happens I leave the store without using my wallet. Okay, sometimes I just can’t resist and still buy something I don’t really need. But if that happens, there is always a good reason ;-)

Last week I spent some time at the online shop of Maison Scotch, the sister of the well known brand Scotch and Soda. I really love this brand, both the men and women’s collection! I think I have more than 5 pieces by Maison Scotch in my closet and that is quite  much for me, t-shirts, tops and a chino, love them all!

So last week when I was looking at some new collection items, I dropped my eye on a cute top! And lucky for me it was a sale item so I thought it would be a nice present to myself! A few days later the UPS guy delivered a nice package (the package was pretty already!) at the door. I really love this top, the fabric, the pattern and the colors!

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