FOOD: Pasta Company

This weekend I went out for dinner with my sister and her boyfriend, we wanted to go to our favorite indonesian restaurant, but unfortunately they were completely full for the whole night (not very strange when it’s 6 o’clock, saturday evening) So we had to find another place to eat good food for a good price! We thought about a lot of restaurants and came up with a really nice place: Pasta Company!

I’ve been to the pasta company many times and I love this place! The atmosphere is nice, food is good and the prices are not bad at all! They have two locations, one in Zoetermeer and one in Scheveningen. Scheveningen is only 15 minutes away from where I live and therefore a great place to go to when you want to have a good meal.

First we had some delicious bread with aioli, which is reeaalyy good! Then I had a greek salad, I know it’s a bit strange to have a greek salad in an Italian restaurant, but I was craving for some feta cheese! After the lovely salad I had pasta pesto with pine nuts, parmesan and rocket leaves. The taste was really good but as always I couldn’t eat it all, the plates are always way too big for me to eat all the food!! I didn’t even have a place for a desert and that is really uncommon for me! So to finish the night I had a cappuccino.

I really recommend you to go to the pasta company some time and discover the food without frontiers.

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